Hannes Staffler

Independent Developer from Lana, South Tyrol, Italy

Hello! My name is Hannes and I ❤️ programming.

What I do

I develop websites, iOS apps and web projects. I also help with domain registration, email setup and software configuration.

How I do it

I am following three main principles: speed, security and simplicity.

Speed is important for the user experience and scalability. Instead of delivering bloated and slow software, I try to create the fastest possible experience that is available with modern technologies.

Security is as important as never before. You can never achieve 100% security, but you can try! Personally, I try to select technologies during development that allow the highest protection.

Simplicity is important for design and complexity of software projects. Only add what you or your clients really need and remember: less is often more!

Why I do it

The most important topic of any project I do: It has to be fun! The development should be an interesting and learning experience. When the project is finished and you see the final result, it should make you proud and happy.

So if you are interested in working with me, drop me a line or check out my projects!